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Ashtanga Yoga Sant Cugat


Please disconnect or silence your mobile phone when entering the school. Avoid bringing it into the room and keep it in a locker with your valuables.


We advise you to use your own yoga mat and if necessary a non-slip sweat towel on top of it. Also bring a small hand towel to adjust yourself and warm clothes in winter to relax, such as a sweater and socks. You can keep your mat at school but if you stop coming, please take it with you so someone else can use that space. The clothes have to be comfortable and not too baggy because it can bother depending on what positions. Don't forget a hair tie if you wear it long.

Ashtanga Yoga Sant Cugat


Please come well cleaned up to classes and wash your mat regularly.


Very important: the main room does not have a door and you can hear the conversations in the dressing room. When you enter the school, lower the volume of your voice, let's respect the peace and quiet of the classes by speaking softly.


The first months, the practice usually lasts an hour and as we progress it becomes longer.

Please calculate the time you need for your practice. For example: if the morning class ends at 11 a.m. and my practice lasts an hour and a quarter, it would be best to arrive around 9:30 a.m. to change quietly and practice without rushing.

Ashtanga Yoga Sant Cugat
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