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Ashtanga Yoga Sant Cugat

What is el Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga Sant Cugat

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga that combinesasana(position)bhandha(energy shutdowns) anddristhi(look). The asanas or postures are linked through the vinyasas, which are certain movements coordinated with an inhalation or exhalation.

Most of the postures are held for 5 deep breaths and we will use the vinyasas to enter and exit them and intertwine the sequence of asanas.

How is it different?


One of the peculiarities of this style of yoga is that the asanas are designed to be learned in order and the practice will increase in difficulty as we progress through the series. The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method has 3 series:

Yasmina Espelosín Pol García


Chikitsa Yoga

It consists of 44asanas(some have several variants). Although its name is first series or series for beginners, this sequence ofasanasworks intensely the body and mind. Its high number ofchaturangas tones and strengthens muscles. It also makes the posterior part of the body more flexible since most of theasanasThey work forward bending. It is usually the most challenging since when we learn this series the body is generally weak and rigid. So many people are not able to accept the frustration and do not believe that they can transform their body. Large doses of patience and a love of practice are required to master this series. Therefore, if we manage to overcome our fears and frustrations, the mind also becomes stronger and our self-esteem and security increase, providing great satisfaction and personal well-being. Many of the practitioners will learn and perfect this series for years or the rest of their lives.

Yasmina Espelosín


nadi shodhana

It consists of 46asanas. The first part of the series works the spinal extensions so it offers great flexibility and strength of the back. It works the entire spine very intensely, unblocking the nervous system and providing a lot of vitality. Some Ashtanga practitioners who were in good physical condition before practicing Ashtanga Yoga (because of having practiced martial arts, dance or other demanding disciplines) find their challenge in the second series with postures such askapotasana,KarandavasanaeitherMayurasana. So humility and patience are worked in large quantities.

Pol García Ashtanga Yoga


sthira bhaga

Subdivided into 4 (A, B, C and D or third, fourth, fifth and sixth). To practice one or several advanced series, a great physical and mental mastery is required. At this point, the yogi has made significant changes in his life such as eating healthy foods and giving up all toxic habits (if he hasn't already). The body should be as light, strong and healthy as possible. Very few people in the world have managed to practice all the series and there is not much information about the fifth and sixth. Sharath Jois in his book "Ashtanga Yoga Anustana" mentions that he has been the only person who has managed to practice all the series. Although it is also known that David Williams, one of the first western students who came to Mysore in the 70s, practiced and learned all the series.



The adjustments during practice help the student to open and relax the body, being able to deepen and enter postures that they cannot on their own. Thanks to the adjustments, the body is unlocked and tensions are relaxed. They also help us progress in balance. This requires great trust and communication between student-teacher. In order to make them safe and beneficial.



There are already numerous studies that show that yoga helps to have a healthy body and mind. Breathing exercises combined with postures activate the parasympathetic system, thus entering a deep sense of relaxation. A state that is associated with happiness and serenity. Insomnia, anxiety, stress, back pain, are the most common problems that we end up normalizing and integrating into our lives. But when we start a regular yoga practice, we begin to feel good and understand that a healthy life is much more pleasant and allows us to be happier in our day to day. It also helps us feel more satisfied and at peace with ourselves and our environment.

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