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Horario Ashtanga Yoga St. Cugat 2024



The Mysore style class is different from other styles of yoga. The school is open several hours and the student can come and go as it suits them within the schedule. Each student practices the Ashtanga sequences by heart and at different paces, always with the help and supervision of the teacher.

(See section "Ashtanga Yoga").

The first day you attend this type of class the teacher teaches you the technique of 3 or 4 postures and you repeat it as many times as you need to memorize and integrate it. Once you are able to execute it yourself and coordinate it with proper breathing, the teacher teaches you posture by posture as you come to the center. This way you can progress at your own pace and in the same class there can be a beginner and an advanced student.

On the other hand, we memorize the sequence in order to integrate the movements naturally and in this way we create a routine that allows us to be able to focus our attention on breathing, so the practice becomes a meditation in movement.

It is the best modality to start practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and once you have learned the sequence it is also the best way to progress since it gives you the space to practice the most advanced postures. You need to attend regularly so as not to forget what you have learned.

The practice usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half.

We do not have a clock inside the room, please, if you have just enough time, let us know and we will notify you so that you can perform the relaxation postures without rushing at the agreed time.



2 classes per week €60/month

Unlimited month €70



Trial class €10

Single class €12 (Only if you already know the sequence)


  • Payments for regular classes are made via direct debit at the beginning of the month.

  • The first month a registration fee of €30 will be charged. (Single payment)

  • If you fail a class you can make it up within the same month.

  • The months you want to keep your place, but cannot attend school, you can pay a maintenance fee of €12.

  • To cancel or modify your direct debit you must notify us before the 25th of the previous month, preferably by email.

  • Please do not return a receipt. If you do so you will have to pay €3.68 for commission costs. If we have made a mistake, let us know and we will fix it.

  • The trial class or the individual class are paid through bizum or cash and you have to notify before coming. 

  • The talks and/or workshops on Saturdayare free for regular students.

  • Minor children can share monthly payments with their parents, for example by paying €60 between them and each coming one day a week (together or separately).

  • Family members of regular students and pregnant women do not pay tuition.

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